Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. If you have a little girl or are an expecting momma, congratulations! As soon as you find out you are having a girl, a world wind of emotions hit you. You start to think about how you will raise her, how you will protect her, and how one day after she is all grown up you can be her best friend. It will be an ongoing job, but don’t worry, you can handle it!

Motherhood is unlike anything else. It bonds us as women in a way nothing else can. It’s a journey towards self discovery. Becoming a mother challenges your status quo, and teaches you to be more caring and compassionate.  Everyday you will find yourself challenged in new ways. How do you raise a confident daughter with healthy self esteem? How do you instill a sense of self worth?  Join us in the journey that is motherhood, searching for answers to these questions. Rest assured, your not going it alone!

Festive Food & Fun for Kids: 

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Holiday Photo & Holiday Gift Ideas:

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Gifts & Mom Tips

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First Birthday Planning

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Baby Names

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