When it comes to healthy teeth, the Tooth Fairy knows her stuff. With children, taking good care of teeth takes a lot of work, practice and patience. Good teeth are important for your little ones health. It’s important that their teeth are properly cleaned and that they routinely  visit with their dentist. As their baby teeth start to fall out and their new teeth come in, there are lots of creative ways to reward them for their hard work or give them gentle nudges to try harder. Check out some of our favorites:



Certificate of Tooth Collection

This certificate authenticates collection from The Tooth Fairy. In addition to collection date, there is a date for the age of your child, as well as the payment rendered & the quality of the tooth.

Tooth Fairy Certificate for the Collection of Teeth | Free Printout | Bloomers and BowsCertificate of Tooth Free Printable PDF

An Extra Special Note from The Tooth Fairy

Double or nothing; use the below note to give your child a compliment for great brushing and teeth care. Give her an extra dollar for her commitment to being a great brusher.

Check out this note from The Tooth Fairy:

“Your tooth looks wonderful,
And that’s more than just luck,
For all your great brushing,
Here is an extra buck. “
– The Tooth Fairy

A special note from the tooth fairy for excellent brushing | Bloomers and Bows | www.bloomersandbows.com


Letters from The Tooth Fairy about the Dentist

A letter from the Tooth Fairy is a great & clever way for kids to know how valuable the Tooth Fairy finds their visits to the dentist. The Tooth Fairy may even leave a small present for future teeth collection,  such as this glow in the dark tooth.  She may also leave a dollar or two to reward good behavior at the dentist.




Dentist Check Up Letter:

Dear Bella,

I am so pleased to let you know I received word of a wonderful check up from the Dentist. Please keep up the good work and continue to brush and floss. I look forward to collecting your teeth in the future.

Your Friend,
The Tooth Fairy

Encouragement for a Future Dentist Appointment:

A letter from the Tooth Fairy | Bloomers and Bows | Most clever ideas from the Tooth Fairy

Dear Bella,

I heard you have a your very own first Dentist appointment tomorrow. You are going to do great!

Your Friend,
The Tooth Fairy

Positive Reinforcement for a Trip to the Dentist:

A letter from the Tooth Fairy | Bloomers and Bows | Words of Encouragement for your children and the dentist.

Dear Bella,

Congratulations on your trip to the Dentist! You did such a great job. I look forward to getting updates on your teeth. Remember to brush twice a day!

Your Friend,
The Tooth Fairy


 A Special Gift from The Tooth Fairy

If your child rushes through brushing their teeth, a timer may help take the guest work out of their daily routine. Try this special gift, along with a note from the tooth fairy to see if that does the trick.


“Brushing your teeth takes two minutes,
Flip this timer when it’s time to begin it!”

– Your Friend, The Tooth Fairy

 An Exclusive Place to Store a Tooth

A special pillow is a great way for your daughter to leave her tooth out for The Tooth Fairy. It helps The Tooth Fairy locate the tooth at night. It also provides a place for the money  to be left so it doesn’t get lost in the bed. You can purchase one or you can make one.

Glitter Money

For extra excitement, give the dollar bills added sparkle with some fine glitter.  Sprinkle some on the dollar bills and leave them to be found in a  special pillow. With a hardy shaking most of the glitter will come off so you little darling can spend it (or save it).

Easy Glitter Money from The Tooth Fairy | Bloomers and Bows | www.bloomersandbows.com

Easy Glitter Money from The Tooth Fairy | Bloomers and Bows | www.bloomersandbows.com

Special Money

A special occasion calls for special money. Go to your bank and ask for dollar coins, crisp bills, or two dollar bills. Deliver them as is or add a little sparkle with some fine glitter (see above).


The Tooth Fairy Kit

Who is the Tooth Fairy? Where is she from? Why does she go around collecting teeth? This is a beautiful kit that is meant to answer those questions for curious children.





Best Books about the Tooth Fairy






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