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A gender reveal party is one of those types of parties that come out of nowhere and just become an instant trend. We see why. They are a smashing hit and a ton of fun! What is a Gender Reveal Party? If it’s your first time hearing about one of these parties, it can be confusing. A gender reveal is the unveiling of the sex of the baby to the expecting mom and dad, as well as any other friends and family. It’s like Christmas, with the present being a baby boy or baby girl. It’s an exciting anticipation and surprise, however, a shower and nursery can still be planned accordingly.

You may be wondering, “How do you do a Gender Reveal?” There are a few tricks to the trade. First off, make sure you follow all your OBGYNs guidelines before the ultra sound to find out the sex. This is so the ultra sound tech can do her job and baby hopefully participates. Second, it’s important to let your OBGYN and Ultra Sound Tech know you want to keep the sex of the baby a surprise. At the day of your appointment when your to find out the sex of the baby, ask your ultra sound tech to place the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope. This is something that is becoming pretty popular, so there is a good likelihood that the technician has done this many times before!

Now the hard part… NO PEEKING. If you know you can’t handle the temptation, have a friend or family member pick up the envelope from you at the Doctors office, or soon after. Make sure the person you select is good at keeping a secret and can help with the surprise. The person you choose will coordinate the ordering or making of the reveal. Now the fun part– the reveal! There are lots of ways of creative ways to do this, check out some of our favorites.

Cupcakes – With a Pink or Blue Centered Filling

Make a vanilla cupcake and scoop out a small hole in the middle. Fill it in with a blue or pink frosting.  Finish with a chocolate frosting, so not to let any color peek through and ruin the surprise.

Gender Reveal Cupcakes and Other Ideas for an announcement | Bloomers and Bows |

Gender Reveal | It's a Boy! Bloomers and Bows

Smoke Fountains – Newborn Baby Gender Reveal Color Smoke Fountains (Blue & Pink)

 These release smoke either pink or blue when lit. This is great for some wow factor in any photos.




Chalk Powder –  Holi Color Powder 10pk 70g Each 5 True Blue and 5 Pink

Place chalk powder in some plastic baseballs or golf balls. Let dad give um’ a hit and find out the sex  of the baby as the powder flies through the air.



A Ballon Pop – Giant Black Latex Balloon Package of 2

Pick up an extra large black ballon. Fill the inside of the balloon with either pink or blue confetti. When it is time to do the reveal, pop the ballon and let the confetti sprinkle all over. 


Piñata – Gender Reveal Gift Box Pull Strings Pinata

Pull the string on the Piñata and have confetti or ribbons fall out. Another idea, if you have a large group, take turns hitting a real piñata. How fun when it busts open to reveal a little girl or little boy.


Scratch Offs – Gender Reveal Scratch off Cards, Reveal The Sex of your Baby, “Boy or Girl”,”Pink or Blue” 

 Scratch offs are a fun way for everyone to get involved. It is also a special way to make an announcement by mail. This would definitely cause some excitement waiting for the mail man. Just tell your friends and family to keep it a secret for a few days until you decide to go public.


A Cake

One of the more popular options is to make a cake or have one made. In between the layers of cake have pink or blue frosting. When you make the cut into the cake, a slice will reveal a boy or girl by the color of the frosting. Make it special and get a cake cutter that can be used to cut all future birthday cakes of your little darling.

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