Easter Basket Ideas for Baby

Fabulous Ideas for Baby's First Easter Basket

Bunnies, chicks and babies, Oh My! Spring is the season of birth. Celebrating with a new baby makes it even more special. Here are some easter basket ideas for baby.

Fabulous Ideas for Baby's First Easter Basket
  1. Babies Love Easter Lift- a Flap Book
  2. Hare Jack-in-the-box
  3. Oatmeal Bunny Soft Lovey
  4. Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs
  5. Organic Baby Food Superfood Puffs 
  6. TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs 
  7. Textured Carrot Teether
  8. RaZbaby Bunny Pacifer Holder

What Should I put in Baby’s First Easter Basket?

Fabulous Ideas for Baby's First Easter Basket

Things that the baby will use make for great Easter basket ideas. Small items like pacifiers, bathing suits, sun glasses, and loveys. For something more unique checkout this fruit feeder pacifier and silicon spoon.

This Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier is perfect for babies to start trying new fruits. Fill it with fresh fruits, breast milk or even medicine. It’s easy to wash and can be used for trying new fruits or teething.

For a baby that is starting baby lead weaning, these Silicone Soft-Tip Training Spoons score major points. They’re flexible and easy to scoop up foods so baby can self feed.

Burts Bee’s offers an adorable, organic cotton, zip-up footed pajama that is perfect to bring in the spring season.

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