Easter Food for Every Bunny

Easter Food for Every Bunny

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Bunny Butt Pancakes

Pancakes are wonderful for any holiday food fun because they can easily be made into different shapes. Start off with one regular size pancake.  Use a cup to cut out a smaller circle for the head. Then use a third pack to cut out ovals for the feet and two tear dropped shaped pancakes for the ears. Use a flower cookie cutter to make little banana flowers to surround the bunny. Use melted chocolate to create bunny paws and toes(or use chocolate chips). Use a knife or  heart shaped cookie cutter for strawberry hearts. Top with a dollop of Reddi Whip Cream for a fluffy bunny tail.

Bunny Face Soup

Use any soup of your choosing.  A heavy whipping cream beaten until it is light and fluffy would add a buttery sweetness to most soup dishes. Once it is fluffy add into a zip lock baggy, cut a small corner off. This will allow you some precision when drawing your bunny.

A tomato soup, would go nice with a bunny grill cheese. Or even something like a chili would work.  Most kids like a good chili. Put some sour cream in a ziplock baggie and cut off a small of the corner of the bag. This will allow you to draw a bunny in the chili. Add optional whiskers with greenery or Fritos.

Easter Bunny Sandwich for Kids | Bloomers and Bows | www.bloomersandbows.com

Two Love Bunnies 

If you have a picky eater these two love bunnies may do the trick. Use a bunny shaped cookie cutter to make two bunnies out of bread. If your little tot likes cheese, top with their favorite cheese using the same technique. Use a cookie cutter to cut out little cucumber hearts or make carrot hearts by using a potato peeler to shave away at the carrot and create a heart shape. Once you have the shape you want, cut it into bite size pieces.

Easter Sandwich With Bunny For Kids | Bloomers and Bows |www.bloomersandbows.comEaster Sandwich With Bunny For Kids | Bloomers and Bows |www.bloomersandbows.com

Some Bunny’s Favorite Hamwich

Create an an open sandwich out of a slice of bread, ham, cheese, ketchup and green onions. This is combo is sure to a hit! Use a sharp knife to cut out the shapes that make up the bunny.

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