How do you pick the best name for your new bundle?  Picking out a name for your daughter takes lots of consideration. The name you choose will help shape her identity. Keep a running list of names you like. Practice saying them out loud and see if you like the way they sound.  If you find yourself overwhelmed with infinite options for names available, try narrowing it down to certain traits you like in a name. To get you started, think of this:

A Family Name  Is there a grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, or other family member you would like to name your daughter after? You could use your loved ones name as it is, combine two names, or you can look for ways to spell it different. For instance, Elizabeth could be shortened to Eliza.

A Classic Name  Classic name are timeless, they have been used for hundreds of years and still maintain their elegance. They tend to resurface as trendy names over the decades. Examples would be Charlotte, Alice, and Abigail.

A Name with a Meaning Is there a certain meaning or ideal you hold true to your core values. Perhaps your baby was a miracle baby. A name option could be Mira, short for Miracle, or Nessa, which in Hebrew means Miracle.

A Letter Specific Name Perhaps there is a certain letter you are fond of. It could be the same letter for the first and last name, such as Stella Smith, or Bailey Brown. There is also the option to choose names that have similar sounds or letters in common, such as the ending of a name, like Elora, Cora, & Lyra, in this case, “ra.”

Something Unique A unique name could be a name you made up, don’t often see, or a name with a different spelling. This is a popular naming technique among celebrities that name their children, like Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter named Apple or Beyoncé Knowles’ daughter Blue Ivy. 

Check out a whole list of celebrity baby names.

Here is a Baby Girl Names Free PDF  you can use to help you remember and narrow down the names you love.

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