Unique Baby Girl Names for 2020

Unique Baby Girl Names for 2020
Unique Baby Girl Names for the Roaring 2020s

It’s the roaring 2020’s. Which means it’s time for some unique baby girl names for 2020. Unique name lists are always fun to put together because people either love them or hate them.

Often names will start out unique and different. The more they are heard and thus used, the more they will gain popularity. We wanted to come up with some unique names that are not yet on the radar. Check them out:

Unique Baby Girl Names for 2020

Adeena – meaning obedient

Alianna rooted from Eliana meaning the lord answers a prayers.

Amara – being forever beautiful/eternal

Braelyn – (Braylin) derived from Braden and Lynn

Cailyn – derived from Kay and Lynn

Carinna – Italian beloved, little darling; American meaning a keel-shaped structure (for biology).

Chaylyn – American derived from Chailyn

Dielle – meaning worships God

Elana – meaning from the Oak Tree

Elina – Shining light

Giada – Italian meaning of jade

Giavanna – God is Gracious

Hadiya – a righteous woman

Ilyse – born into nobility/ derived from Elyse, blissful

Kaisley – enlightened; loving

Rylen – derived from Rylan

Sofiana – derived from Sofia and Anna

Verena – meaning integrity

Zora – meaning dawn

Unique Girl Names for 2020

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  1. Valree D.
    / 1:02 am

    could you maybe do baby names that start with f

    • BloomersandBows
      / 10:34 am

      Hi Valree! We have names that start with “F” under our baby names by letter list. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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