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Heart Pancakes. Best Ideas for Valentine's Day Inspired Food for Kids. | Bloomers and Bows

Best Ideas for Valentine's Day Inspired Food for Kids. Two Love birds. | Bloomers and Bows

Two Love Birds

This dish is great for little choppers. Take a piece of bread and cutout two tear drop shapes, or use a cookie cutter. Add peanut butter for additional protein. Remove the stem from strawberries and cut the strawberry in vertical slices for wings. Use additional strawberry pieces and round the top with a knife to create a heart shape. Also, use the tip of additional strawberries for the beaks. For the eyes use two blueberries. Finally, create leaves and branches out of the pieces of a green apple.


Best Ideas for Valentine's Day Inspired Food for Kids. I Love you with all my hearts. | Bloomers and Bows

I Love You with All My Hearts

This is a super easy breakfast or snack for lunch. Pick up different varieties of fruits such as honey dew, cantaloupe, pineapple or
watermelon. Cut the fruit in rings or so that you have flat pieces. Use a small heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out the edible part of the fruit, avoiding any cores, or seeds. Place all the fruit in a heart shaped bowl.


Kissing Snails. Best Ideas for Valentine's Day Inspired Food for Kids. | Bloomers and Bows

 Kissing Snails

Start by frying up some eggs and bacon. Use the two fried eggs as the shell of the snail. Frame the “snail shell” by using two pieces of avocado(note the curve to the avocado like a “j” shape). Use cheese that has been cut into circles for the eyes and some greenery, like cooked spinach for eyelashes and pupils. Use your child’s favorite sauce, like a mustard or BBQ, to create a swirl in the egg yolk and some antennas. Add bacon underneath the snails for the appearance of a ground. Finish the dish off with tomato hearts and cheese star cutouts.




Heart Pancakes. Best Ideas for Valentine's Day Inspired Food for Kids. | Bloomers and Bows

Heart Pancakes

Use your favorite recipe to create pancakes as you usually would. Once your pancakes are cooked, use a large heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out three pancakes. Top pancakes with a light butter and syrup. Top with strawberry pieces that look like hearts. To do this remove the stem, use a knife to round the top of the strawberry, then cut vertically. Finish with pink, red, and white heart shaped sprinkles. For a less sugary dish try topping with applesauce instead of syrup.




I love you "beary" much Best Ideas for Valentine's Day Inspired Food for Kids. | Bloomers and Bows

I Love You “Beary” Much

This dish is very simple breakfast dish! Not much technical skill is required, nor any special tools. Fix up a bowl of oatmeal for your little one. Top with three slices of banana; two for ears and one for a nose. Top with three blueberries, one on top of the banana nose, and two for eyes. Simple, adorable, your little lovey will love it!


Heart Jelly Sandwich for Kids, Perfect for Valentines Day | Bloomers and Bows

Heart Sandwiches

Heart sandwiches are perfect and quick Valentine’s Day lunch or breakfast meal. They can be made as a a sandwich or toast.  Dress it with peanut butter, jelly, or both. Just use a cooke cutter or knife to cut out the heart shape.

Additional Items your little one may like for lunch or special surprises: heart straws and heart goodie sacks.


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